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About Me

I'm a PhD Candidate in Geography at the University of Kentucky. I'm also a fellow with the New Mappings Collaboratory and the research assistant for Mapshop. In my spare time, I'm a volunteer at Broke Spoke, Lexington's community bike shop, and I co-organize MaptimeLEX.

Research Interests

My primary interests can be summed up as art, code, maps, and cities, and my research endeavors to combine those four things to varying degrees of success. My dissertation research examines the role that art plays in urban creative placemaking efforts using Lexington, KY as a case study. I'm looking at the work that art is asked to do, compared to the work that it actually does, and tracking the networks through which certain creative placemaking projects move from city to city.

Map Work

I make a lot of maps. You can see some of the work I've done with Mapshop in our online portfolio. My current focus is on digital maps, but I also do print and hand-drawn work. I'm available for hire!



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